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Oxygen Treatment: A Panacea or a Real Opportunity to Fight Many Diseases?

It’s time to talk about an interesting method of alternative treatment which is called oxygen therapy. There are different types of such treatment: hyperbaric oxygenation, oxidation, ozone therapy. For several decades, medical practitioners have discussed the importance of treatment using hyperbaric oxygen (i.e., pressure chambers). This topic became very popular in the 1980s when they published a press photograph of the world-famous singer Michael Jackson the press chamber.

Oxygen Deficiency: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

If you have a headache and your heart suddenly begins to beat faster than usual, this may be a sign of a lack of oxygen. Such symptoms may appear even in people who have not experienced breathing problems before. Why does oxygen deficiency occur? Our body needs oxygen for normal functioning. The blood distributes it through the body with the help of red blood cells: red blood cells are saturated with this element in the […]